Rat​-​Man Vann

by Astro Cowboy

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The first five songs we wrote as Astro Cowboy recorded after playing them for two years. Recorded in the wonderful Evans' House. All songs written and recorded by Travis Harrington and Kameron Vann


released August 11, 2013

Travis Harrington: Vocals/ Guitar
Kameron Vann: Drums
Holt Evans II: Production, Engineering, Mixing



all rights reserved


Astro Cowboy Wilmington, North Carolina

'literature rock'




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Track Name: Keep Talking
Hold your breath while I judge all your thoughts
they come out so fast, who cares that much
clouded facts, diluted points of view
shape your fate, contemplate destiny

Oh god I think that I'm blowing up
run away, run away, seek cover
your words like arrows they pierce in my skin
bloody and battered I keep listening
got my complacency inside a box
and I'm hoping and praying the lid won't break
all of you gotta be still constantly straining
you'll have a brain hemorrhage and then you will die

I said oh, you shape words
oh words, they shape you
no one cares what you say
I'm warm, you're cold. debate

You amount to all that I can speak
scare yourself with all you have to seek
I'm amazed at how fast they all learn
speak a fact, opinions stand out more.

Burn me, kill me, feed the fire
animals grunt and call me a liar
all of you constantly subconsciously straining
you'll have a brain hemorrhage and then you will die

Psych out
It's a psych out
oh god
fear it
see it

Are you god, or are you just Kam?
Track Name: Allturnativ
I am always right there is no other allturnativ
I could talk to you all day about how I'm a cooler kid
look at me, look at me, I am so original
look at me, look at me, I send mixed signals

Oh sometimes I just want to kill myself
'cause there is no one that is cooler than me
if you wanna learn you'll have to wait your turn
it's not like I'm gonna stand around and hand this shit out for free

Talking shit a little bit a condescending hypocrite
I think I'm better than you, I know I'm sure of it
ok, ok, ok, so what's your problem now?
I'm sorry if my super-ego is just too fucking loud for you

Well god damn I just don't have any good friends
but that's ok because people are lame
I don't want any friends, cuz there's no point in them
I'd rather just sit around and pretend I'm an alien

I got etsy, tumblr, instagram, crop tops

Track Name: Danger
Such an affront to your face and I said, "I don't wanna hit the ropes."
On your feet, you're so worried but you know that everybody has to sleep

Well, I fell down a well.
You look so surprised
I act like it 's nothing
You just wanna hide

My ankles bruise because I always fall
You faced the facts when your face hit the wall
We're messing with the messenger for fun
We act too old to really be this young

I hope you are happy

I am.

Back in forth in vacillation, never knowing what you want.
Close those eyes, groping blindly at topics,
all this pressure lives to haunt

Track Name: Arsonistic
Hold on, hold on, I need a break
Life is, life is, life is a race
No god, no help, all for yourself
You play with all the cards you're delt

I've got this match and I'm gonna light it
All things ignite, I get excited.
The flames, they lick and dance around
Who wears, who wears, who wears halos?

Broke necks, broke backs, broke promises but,
fixed myself
Selfishly selfless, having so much fun without your help
Carefully aimless, just enough to keep life at bay
When ever it is today, it just isn't my day

frozen from fear of failure, I'm always cold in your house
compensation with words of fire, intent to douse
well felt up nervously you can tell just by your hands
this chapter of existence although slow came quite unplanned

all my friends changed so much. Well, I changed too. We lost touch, well, fuck.

My sense says I'm sensible but satan sees some silly steeds who won't give him, who won't give him a ride.
Parking fees and Dogwood trees have nothing I desire 'cept for the fact I can set both of them on fire.
Well, liar liar, truth desired, it's not just the way you say the things you crave and all that you need.
Track Name: Rick Nandise
I hate Rick Nandise
I want to make him bleed
Cuz I hate Nick Randise

So one night she went to a party
Wanted to get fucked up, she was a hottie
She felt funny, she went to lay down,
There was no one else around

He went in the room, he saw her there
He didn't hesitate, he didn't stare
He turned off the lights, and closed the door
I think we all know what happened next

Oh man the next morning,
when she woke up,
you should have seen the look on her face,
boy you know she was scared.

Wrapped up in a blanket,
she was naked and confused,
and couldn't remember,
all the things they had done.

Let's go do some Percosets, have unprotected sex inside the ocean, and run around in the sand.
We could drink some vodka, fool around inside the hot tub, get pulled over by the cops and when they call my mom and dad I'll say that...